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The Importance of Educational Toys

Educational Toys Help Children Learn and Develop New Skills

Babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children all need opportunities to play. The toys that children play with are influential in their level of growth and development. Educational toys are more than just playthings. They are developmental tools that help children learn, grow and acquire new set of skills and abilities. There is more to say about the importance of educational toys and their influence on child development than what most parents think. Here are five important ways educational toys can benefit children.

Educational Toys Motivate Children to Learn

Educational toys make learning fun for children. The enjoyable play experience that educational toys provide gives children the motivation to want to learn more and discover new information. The importance of educational toys becomes more apparent in the fact that they provide children opportunities to learn, think and enjoy all at the same time. The main goal of an educational toy is to simply provide enriching play experiences for children and help them build skills.

Educational Toys Help Children Solve Problems

Educational toys present children with problems to solve and challenges to overcome. Educational toys encourage children to look for solutions and help them develop important problem-solving skills. Puzzles, Shape Sorters, Board Games and Construction Toys are examples of educational toys that enable children to utilize their thinking and common sense in order to achieve a well-defined goal.

Educational Toys Contribute to Healthy Brain Development

Educational play activities have positive effects on the brain and on a child’s ability to learn. Educational toys encourage children to learn through their senses, help them understand the meaning of cause and effect and provide them simple hands-on experiences that challenge and stretch their abilities to learn. Such brain-building activities add to the importance of educational toys as instrumental tools for cognitive growth and development in children. Educational toys that help children memorize, solve problems and recognize shapes, colors, sizes, sounds and numbers all contribute to cognitive growth in children.

Educational Toys Give Children Opportunities to Try Out New Ideas

Educational toys stimulate self-expression in children and allow them explore new ideas in different areas of play. As children play with educational toys, they learn about specific topics, follow directions, learn the sequence of activities, apply the product of their thinking, get results and gain satisfaction in completing a specific task. Educational toys provide opportunities for parents and educators to participate in play activities with children resulting in guided and interactive play experiences.

Educational Toys Encourage Curiosity and Discovery

Educational toys engage children’s senses and stimulate their creativity by providing activities that expand children’s imagination in a variety of fields such as math, science, music, writing, reading and dramatic play. Building Blocks and Pretend-Play Sets are examples of educational toys that promote creative thinking and exploration in children. Such toys allow children to utilize their imagination and logical thinking to produce new play scenarios that fit best their interest and personality.


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